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Tree Trek Exploration | Tree Climbing Training and Adventures

Tree Trek ExplorationTree Trek Exploration trains adventurers, researchers and educators to move through the forest canopy at will, using the latest and safest tree climbing techniques and equipment. They also offer two inexpensive public “try it” tree climbs each month for those who aren’t sure if this adventure is right for them. Their Tree Climbing Classes include basic and advanced climbing techniques, training for  Tree Climbing Program facilitators and instructors, and their unique Rain forest / Cloud forest climbing adventure.

Here’s what they say about “Why climb trees”:

Just a few feet above our heads is one of the least understood places on earth. The forest canopy is unbelievably vast; the 2010 United Nations Forest Resources Assessment puts it at 9.8 billion acres, and the U.S. Forest Service’s global estimate is 8.5 billion acres. It is home to nearly three-fourths of all the species on our planet, including half the species discovered in the last quarter century. It is where nearly all the planet’s oxygen is made. Despite its huge size, only a handful of field researchers have ventured into this incredibly diverse and ever-changing ecosystem. Canopy cranes, hot-air balloons, elevated walkways and zip lines have helped them explore a few hundred acres of this treetop paradise that early 20th century explorer William Beebe called “the eighth continent.” Tree climbing is your ticket to this new continent.

You can find their website at:


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