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Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet

Tim Kovar, master tree climbing instructor

Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet, Master Tree Climbing Instructor

When I first started researching for this novel, I got my hands on every kind of book I could find about trees.  One of them really captured my imagination:  The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston.  It was amazing to hear his accounts of climbing the giant, old redwoods of California.  I did a little digging around and discovered that one of Preston’s early teachers was a man named Tim Kovar, who lives near Portland, Oregon and has a school of his own.  I immediately drove down, found Tim, and said, “Teach me what you taught him.”  He did.  Tim and I have climbed quite a bit together, including an 800 year old redwood in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  It’s really an incredible experience.  As Tim says, “Climbing a tree isn’t about getting somewhere; it’s about being somewhere.”

Tim Kovar is the founder of Tree Climbing Planet and a Master Tree Climbing Instructor with 20 years of teaching experience. His love and respect of nature, coupled with his wanderlust spirit, led him to metaphorically and literally take the vertical path less traveled. A path that has led him into the remote jungles of the world in pursuit of his vision to help connect others to our natural world.