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Songs Inspired by A Sudden Light

bushwickThe Bushwick Book Club Seattle wrote these three awesome songs inspired by A Sudden Light, and performed them live at Garth’s October 7th reading at Third Place Books in Seattle.

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle delivers literature, music, and songwriting to the Seattle community while building the next generation of musicians and readers.

A musical book club, Bushwick Seattle is a monthly performance of original songs inspired by literature intended to bridge different genres of art and encourage audiences to discover new works in both music and reading.

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Listen and enjoy!

“Break and Bend” written by Joy Mills

From the artist:

The story, full of secrets, ghosts, and the mystical Pacific Northwest beauty, led me to working with themes of deep wonder and the ties that bind us to other souls. I imagine the song as a serenade, human to ghost, with the chorus asking the questions so universal: Do we break and bend? How does the story end? Tell me, through the rain and wind. Because, it would seem, the answers do not come through words.


Certain moments never leave us
Certain hunger never ceases
And you reach out like the branches
Seems to hold you in crooked arms
And where the wind blows, where do we go?

All these stories, deep as marrow
I struck a match, backlit your shadow
I’ve got no choice now but to listen
The bond of memory, open season
Tell me now do we break and bend
Tell me how the story ends

I never did say much to you
I never did say much at all
Tell it to me now, break it to me now
Silence is not that golden thing

Found a message, secret passage
Hands through the cobwebs
This hidden cabin
And what the rain gives, fair and furtive

Houses haunted by trees and spirits
As though we’re wanted by ghosts who hear us

Tell me now do we break and bend
Tell me how through the rain and wind
Tell me how the story ends

 “Return” written by By the Way (Geoff Larson, Don Hopwood, Wes Weddell)

From the artist:

In this story, Ben agreed to build the North Estate as long as it would be “returned to the earth”. He stated that we were only there to look after it for a while. The forest must take over. It made me feel what it is like to move through the forest, and to be one with my surroundings. With this instrumental, we are portraying the feeling of the forest at dusk. Quiet, foggy, dark, cool… but filled with a joy that only Mother Nature gives to us.


 “Ballroom” written by Ryan Barber. Performed by The Horde and the Harem

From the artist:

In the novel, the family members have strong personal connections with the house their great grandfather built. The house had a personality of it’s own. I really wanted to convey elements of the family’s tragedies within lyrics and melodic intentions. In the end I think each character was really searching for a place to call home.


I’m looking for the road that I came in
I’m searching for that place that I call home.
Fancy seeing you here.
Funny how somethings never change are you mad that I didn’t stay?
Oh my sister It’s not to late, father hears footsteps in the mailroom
Mother dances patiently she waits, and the house won’t let us escape

Oh boy you’re misunderstood, heart on your sleeve, all is lost in the woods.
You can climb the highest of highs, but you are broken on the inside.
I see it in your father’s eyes.
The love you felt you had to hide
Sister dances endlessly she lies
The house won’t let us survive
Let the children play, on the edge of our estate,
We can climb the highest highs the wind is on our face

I’m looking for the road that I came in
I’m searching for that place that I call home


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